TEN reasons why you should choose a photography package that includes prints of your pets


In our digital age, where images are often snapped, shared, and stored on various electronic devices, the charm and significance of printed photographs can be overlooked. However, printed images hold a unique and irreplaceable value in any photography package. In this blog post, we will explore why incorporating printed photos into your collection is essential and how they enhance the overall experience of preserving memories.

1 Tangible Memories

Unlike digital images that exist in a virtual space, printed photos are tangible. They allow you to physically touch and feel your memories, creating a deeper emotional connection. Holding a photograph in your hands, feeling its texture, and seeing it outside of a digital screen adds a layer of intimacy and nostalgia to the experience.

2 Everlasting Keepsakes

Digital formats can become obsolete or corrupted over time, but printed images stand the test of time. They become cherished keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. While technology continually evolves, leading to potential incompatibility or data loss, a printed photograph remains a constant, unaffected by changing digital landscapes.

3 The Power of Display

Printed images have the power to transform a space into a haven of personal memories. Whether it's a framed picture on a wall, a canvas print, or a custom photo album on a coffee table, these displays become a part of your daily life, constantly reminding you of cherished moments and loved ones.

4 Attention to Detail

Printed photographs often reveal details and nuances that may be missed by the viewer on a digital screen. The process of printing an image, brings it to life in terms of color, contrast, and clarity. It does not depend on the calibration of the digital screen. This attention to detail results in a more polished and refined end product.

5 The Joy of Sharing

There's a unique joy in sharing physical photos with friends and family. Flipping through an album together, handing someone a framed picture, or exchanging photo prints creates a shared experience that digital images, often viewed individually, cannot replicate.

6 Customization and Variety

Printing photos allows for customization and creativity. You can choose from various sizes, finishes, and frames to suit your style and decor. This variety offers a personalized touch to your memories, making them even more special.

7 Psychological Benefits

There's a psychological benefit to having physical representations of your cherished memories. Printed photos serve as visual cues that can instantly transport you back to a moment, evoking emotions and stories associated with the image. This connection can enhance mental well-being by reinforcing positive experiences and relationships.

8 Meaningful Artwork

Our fury family members often make the most beautiful and valuable artwork.

9 Photos remind you of what's important

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will be reminded every time you see the prints of your four legged friend of what's really important.

10 The Loss Of A Furry Companion

I can recall countless times I've known someone or heard about the passing of an acquaintances' horse or dog that took them by surprise and how they wished they had not put off scheduling a professional photo session of them. To be quite honest, this very thing happened to me. My husband's younger up and coming competition horse had to be put down unexpectedly due to an accident. Although I used him in a few different photo session projects, I didn't take the time to get the images I had visions of having of him around our home.


While we live in a digital world, the importance of printed images in a photography package cannot be overstated. They offer a tangible, lasting, and deeply personal connection to our memories that digital images alone cannot provide. As you consider your next photography package, remember the enduring value of printed photographs and how they can bring your cherished moments to life in a way that resonates with the heart and soul.